Ticketer continues to grow

Ticketer continues to grow Cardiff Bus is installing Ticketer ETMs across its fleet.

One of the recent wins for Ticketer is the contract to supply Cardiff Bus with Electronic Ticket Machines across its 210-vehicle fleet. The deal was finalised just before Euro Bus Expo in November with delivery scheduled for the early part of 2015.

Cardiff Bus selected Ticketer to supply the latest ETM technology in order to update its current system and to accommodate future plans, such as the use of EMV cards and m-tickets.

“The Ticketer modular design allows us to configure the way components are laid out on the bus, which makes it much better for drivers and for passengers,” says Cynthia Ogbonna, managing director, Cardiff Bus. “The ability of the system to be always ‘online’ will also improve staff communication and service management.”

The company is installing ETMs on every vehicle, and also ordered four hand-held units to reduce boarding times at busy locations such as the three park-and-ride sites and the Baycar service linking the city centre with Cardiff Bay.

“We spoke to other operators who told us that Ticketer are open to ideas and are the right company to be in partnership with,” adds Ogbonna.

Among the products recently launched by Ticketer is an integrated barcode scanner which verifies the validity of each m-ticket code presented on bus, removing the risk of fraud, and recording the transaction in the same way as other tickets.

And a new hand-held ETM promises flexibility in operation, while maintaining all the features of the fixed unit and at the same price, while a new schedule adherence application for both the hand-held and fixed ETMs, provides on-bus alerts to prevent drivers from departing from a stop too early.