Antipodean Solo

Antipodean Solo Antipodean Solo
Successful operation of four Solo SlimLines by Reesby Buses has led to a fifth being shipped from Optare’s Leeds plant. The new bus will join the others on a network of city centre services in Rotorua. Reesby Buses owner Dave Reesby says that he has been very pleased with the performance of the four delivered in mid 2008, which together have now covered almost half a million miles. The buses have Mercedes engines and Allison gearboxes.

“We chose the Solo because of Optare’s experience in designing and building low-floor buses,” says Reesby. “The SlimLine Solo in particular meets our needs in a number of ways. Its low weight results in a lower road user charge, as in New Zealand we pay according to the weight of the vehicle. This low weight also contributes to good fuel consumption with our existing Solos averaging 12.3mpg on quite demanding routes.”