Continued growth reported by Irizar Group in 2016

The Irizar Group reported continued growth with turnover of more than €580 million in 2016. The group’s headquarters in Ormaiztegi, along with its Mexico plant are leading the group’s growth with Ormaiztegi representing 50 per cent of its turnover.

Irizar says that the key to its growth strategy has been the development of its own integral coaches that represent a 25 per cent increase in production of coaches across the group.

The Spanish intercity coach market is now growing again, reaching record highs in the last three years, according to Irizar, which has 40 per cent market share in Spain and is the leader in the premium segment.

The company has also started sales in the US market where its integral i6 has been well received.And deliveries of the first integral buses in Mexico are now underway, with strong forecast sales for 2017.

Another noteworthy aspect is the increase in its product’s value added, as a result of the brand’s strategy that Irizar has been laying out for the last few years. Innovation and technology are, increasingly more and more, determining factors in the group’s strategy and daily tasks.

While Brazil continues to be affected by financial crisis, there is strong growth at the Mexico plant, which produced a record 1,000 coaches in 2016, including the production of the new top-of-the-range i8 coach.

In Morocco, Irizar achieved a record turnover focusing on the luxury market as well as supporting Irizar Ormaiztegi with the manufacture of units of the Century model for European markets.

In 2016 the group created Irizar Emobility, the group’s electromobility company. Located in Gipuzkoa, Aduna, the Emobility plant is almost complete and is due to commence production in May 2017.

For 2017, the Group forecasts further growth in the manufacturing of the integral coaches, with the parent factory continues to account for half of the groups output. It also expects growth in the company’s hybrid models and its Irizar i2e bus. The group also recently clinched an order for 18 electric articulated buses for Bayonne which will be delivered in 2018.

Integral coaches are likely to account for around 30 per cent of production at Ormaiztegi and more than 10 per cent of Mexican production.