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New tyres improve experience at Parrys

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Parrys International’s drivers have reported a marked reduction in noise levels and a softer ride from coaches fitted with Continental HSL and HDL tyres. Parrys latest Van Hool T917 Astrons are fitted with Continental tyres.

“We had been using another premium tyre make but supply problems led Van Hool to ask us if they could fit Continentals,” says transport manager Mark Ramsden. “This provided an opportunity to compare performance and we were immediately impressed. Our drivers said that they noticed a significant lowering of noise levels and they also felt that the overall ride was better.

“Since then we’ve seen a coach go through its entire three years with us on the original set of tyres, clocking up around 250,000 kilometres in the process. Now we’ve moved to the next generation HSL2 and HDL2 tyres on new Van Hool Astron T917s that are joining our fleet for the 2011 season, including our recently delivered Diamond Class 34-seat super luxury coach.”

The tyres are designed for long distance travel with the HSL2 for use on steer axles and fitted to both the front and rear steer axles of the Astrons and the HDL2 used on the drive axle. The tyres are designed to provide enhanced ride and wear qualities as well as helping to improve fuel efficiency.

A new four-ply triangular belt and steel cord bead reinforcer increases stiffness allowing the tyre to roll with low deformation without losing its spring properties. The contour also increases the air volume for the same tyre size and reduces the tyre weight, which contributes to improved fuel efficiency. Continental’s AirKeep technology is employed which incorporates a special inner layer to reduce creeping air loss and help maintain tyre pressure for up to 50 per cent longer.

“Maintaining correct pressures is fundamental to ensuring that you get a good life out of tyres,” says Ramsden. “And it also contributes to increased safety and better fuel consumption.

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