Irizar launches 18tonne ie truck into its e-mobilty range

Irizar is expanding its commitment to sustainable urban mobility by adding the Irizar ie truck to its range of zero emission products. Irizar presented its new electric vehicle, the Irizar ie truck, at the first edition of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Congress, which was held in Bilbao from 20-23 February.

The new electric truck is the outcome of an R&D project developed alongside the Group FCC, which is a leader in environmental services, integral water management and developing and building infrastructure and other technology centres. Group FCC contributed knowledge and experience in operating urban services and, in consequence of the successful outcome of the collaboration, the first prototype equipped with side-loading bodywork for waste collection has been produced. It is expected to reach the market in the coming months, according to Irizar.

The Irizar ie truck includes technology developed within the Irizar Group that has already been used for electric drive systems in its electric buses, energy storage and control electronics, in addition to the rest of the systems supplied.

The cabin was developed exclusively for urban applications and has a four-person capacity and a single access stairway with the lowest access height on the market.

The launch unit is an 8m-long 6×2 version with a carrying capacity of 18tonnes. The vehicle has regenerative braking to capture kinetic energy.

The launch Irizar ie truck is an electric version with a CNG range extender, so it can drive in electric mode in the city and on natural gas elsewhere. Different variations of the purely electric zero emissions version are currently being developed.

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