Hydrogen fuel cell Enviro400 now available from ADL

Alexander Dennis is adding a new hydrogen fuel cell-powered Enviro400 to its range, developed in partnership with hydrogen and fuel cell system integrator Arcola Energy. The hydrogen-powered Enviro400 has an electric driveline with axle-mounted motors. The on-board battery is charged with a fuel cell which generates electricity from hydrogen stored in tanks on the vehicle. ADL points out that no external battery charging is required and the vehicle’s only emission is water vapour while offering the advantage of a long zero emission range.

The bus manufacturer notes however that there is still a challenge in establishing hydrogen as a fuel in terms of infrastructure and ‘sustainable’ production of hydrogen.

A prototype bus has been tested through a number of design iterations and ADL says it is now ready to take orders for the model.

“ADL continues to support bus operators across the UK by collaborating to develop new technologies that help achieve environmental and operational targets,” says ADL chief executive Colin Robertson. “Hydrogen fuel cell technology is part of the mix of solutions and we are delighted to now offer this option to the industry.”