Volvo electric buses start regular operation in Malmö

A fleet of 13 full-electric Volvo buses will start operating on route 7 in Malmö from mid-December. The first route to be electrified by Skånetrafiken, provider of public transport in the Skåne region, runs between Svågertorp and Ön via Malmö Centre, a distance of just under 15 km.

“It’s really gratifying that one of Malmö’s main lines has now been fully electrified with our quiet and emission-free electric buses,” says Martin Spjern, key account director, Volvo Buses Sweden. “Electrically-powered bus traffic helps considerably improve the everyday environment of everyone who lives, travels and spends time in our cities, and this is a development to which we naturally want to contribute.”

The electric buses will be the first for Skånetrafiken and come with a new interior design, including a couch seat at the back, USB sockets at each seat and special night-time lighting to enhance comfort and safety.

Elsewhere in Sweden, Volvo has also sold full-electric buses to Gothenburg, and electric hybrids to Värnamo.