Go-coach trials Optare Solo electric bus in Sevenoaks

Independent operator, Go-coach, based in Sevenoaks, has been trialling a 31-seat, Optare Solo electric bus. The 9.2m electric bus has been operating in Sevenoaks on the town’s route 8 service.

The bus has a range of around 120 miles, according to Optare, which covers the town council-backed route. Charged overnight at Go-coach’s Otford depot, the bus uses about £9.90 of electricity to operate the route all day.

“This is emerging new energy technology that we all need to embrace,” says Austin Blackburn, managing director, Go-coach. “I am pleased that we could secure the use of the bus and show the people of Sevenoaks what future bus travel has in store.”

Sevenoaks district councillor Merilyn Canet adds: “It’s good to see a local entrepreneur, leading with an electric-powered bus. This bus will help to protect our environment, but we will need to find some sponsorship to counter the still expensive technology. The bus is so smooth and quiet it is lovely for travellers and pedestrians and provides clean air too.”