First Irizar integral for Longmynd Travel

Longmynd Travel of Shewsbury has taken its first Irizar integral coach into its 22-strong fleet. The two-axle 12.9m, i6 integral has 57 seats plus a toilet, and its high capacity was one of the key reasons for the choice.

Longmynd Travel was established in 1973 by the parents of current director Val Sheppard, who now runs the company with husband Mark. Their son is also involved with the company, taking it into the third generation. It operates third-party tours as well as private hire and contracted services, with a fleet offering seating capacities from 16 to 70 passengers.

Longmynd’s  i6 integral is powered by a DAF MX-11 271 369hp engine with ZF AS-Tronic automated manual transmission.

“Both the AMT and fully-automatic transmissions have their strong-points, but the AMT makes it a bit more of a driver’s coach because the driver can retain control over the gear selected,” says managing director Mark Sheppard. “We have the same driver in the i6 integral most of the time, and the coach does a mixture of tours and private-hire work.”

The coach has 57 seats with seat-back tables, and the driver and guide seats are upholstered in leather. The driver’s area, aisle and the rear of the saloon are carpeted, and the coach has Bosch audio and Actia video systems installed, plus a drinks machine and central sunken toilet.

“The Irizar Integral coach really stands out in our livery,” adds Sheppard. “We do most of our maintenance in-house, and the Irizar has been very good in that respect. With only 22 coaches, we can’t afford unscheduled downtime. We’ve found the customer support from Irizar to be very good, both from a sales and service point of view.”