CPT welcomes KPMG analysis of factors affecting bus demand

A new provides a comprehensive analysis of the factors that are driving demand for bus travel in England.  CPT has described a new report by KPMG aimed at explaining the factors that are driving demand for bus travel in England as “one of the most significant additions to industry knowledge this decade”.

The report comes as the industry accepts that the current overall trend is for a reduction in demand, but, CPT ius heartened that some of the factors identified may work in the industry’s favour, including population numbers increasing especially in major urban areas, and populations getting older with household sizes falling and more young people in education or training.

“An informed observer could identify the individual trends, but this report is very valuable because, for the first time, it brings all the factors together to give a picture for England,” says Steven Salmon, CPT’s director of policy development. “There is a wealth of detail in the report, showing significant differences between the conurbations and smaller towns, and between the places in each category. It’s a fascinating read.”