Busworld China rescheduled for 2020

Busworld International and VNU Exhibitions Asia have postponed the Busworld China show around by 12 months until early 2020 but claim they have plans for it to emulate the breadth and success of Busworld Europe.

”We truly believe in the opportunity of organising a second Busworld mothership exhibition-seminar-networking event in China,” says Mr. Didier Ramoudt, president, Busworld International. “Since China is the most advanced country in battery electric and other types like hydrogen, we are convinced this is the place to be for us. By early 2020, we will be ready to take up this challenge.”

David Zhong, president, VNU Exhibitions Asia, adds: “In terms of market size, product quality and export growth in China’s bus & coach market, China undoubtedly has a strong footprint in the global scale. A new concept Busworld China proportional to China’s market status in early 2020 will give the exhibition marginal time to conduct a full-scale upgrade in resources benefiting exhibitors and visitors both domestic and abroad.”