New government funding to support backlog of commercial vehicle retrofit testing

The Government has announced £2.5million funding to support testing of vehicle retrofit technologies to help commercial vehicles meet Clean Air Zone and ULEZ requirements.

The move has been welcomed by The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership which says that the funding will support vital testing for the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme which has been developed by LowCVP and is administered by Energy Saving Trust.

LowCVP claims that its Low Emission Bus Accreditation Scheme means that the UK has the largest low emission bus fleet in Europe, and coach applications are now being assessed, but it says that there is still much to do on truck emissions which the new funding will assist.

“We need a multi-faceted approach to tackling air pollution,” says LowCVP’s managing director Andy Eastlake. “This initiative is an important step to help clean more of the current fleet, whilst we wait for the penetration of ULEZs to increase.

“Retrofit is a key element of the overall package and will enable innovative solutions to be brought forward which can make a real difference to air quality in the short and medium term.”

Energy Saving Trust programme manager for freight and clean vehicle retrofit, Colin Smith, adds: “Tackling air pollution in our towns and cities will benefit everyone, including fleet operators. We can’t wait for normal fleet replacement cycles to improve fleet emissions – there is an issue with air quality now.

“This fund will help remove this key barrier and get more retrofit systems approved across a wider range of vehicles, enabling more vehicles to be retrofitted, thereby reducing the transport emissions that cause air quality issues in our towns and cities.”