Cummins’ theme is ‘Powering What’s Next’

With a number of strategic acquisitions, Cummins has repositioned itself over the past couple of years as it targets a switch from diesel and natural gas to hybrid power systems, zero emissions electric and low NOx technology, including a possible future Euro VII standard.

It has wrapped this up within a ‘Powering What’s Next’ theme, and aims to highlight energy diversity at Euro Bus Expo.

The company is committed to investing $500million in electrification over three years, including the manufacture of a new 74kWh lithium ion battery with the required energy density, dimensions and durability to suit bus installations.

Alongside the introduction of electric systems, Cummins says it remains committed to the continued evolution of the diesel engine. It recently showed a concept emissions control system to achieve near-zero nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint. The close-coupled turbocharger and aftertreatment system looks towards a possible next level of Euro VII regulations.