More than 100 Volvo/Jonckheere JHV2s now in service

Volvo Bus expects continued growth in the sales of its premium Volvo B11R/Jonckheere JHV2 coach in the UK and Ireland. Since its launch at Euro Bus Expo two years ago, more than 100 Volvo B11R/JHV2s have entered service.

Volvo Bus is planning for at least 50 units for the 2019 season, as production of the bodywork moves from Roeselare in Belgium to Valkenswaard, near Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

“The introduction of the JHV2 was the result of a great deal of innovation, investment, and commitment from Jonckheere, working in close partnership with ourselves,” says James Hyde, retail sales director, Volvo Bus. “The vehicle’s external styling and high levels of interior appointment and comfort, together with the safety, performance and operating efficiency of the Euro 6 Volvo B11R chassis continues to hit all the right notes with many operators in the premium touring market.

“We envisage further strong demand for next season, as the JHV2 continues to be an important part of our coach portfolio here in the UK and Ireland.”

Peter Wouters, Jonckheere managing director, adds: Our relationship with Volvo Bus dates back some 25 years now and it is a partnership that has been built on product quality and customer support. That remains unchanged with the relocation of coach production to our Valkenswaard facility in Eindhoven, especially given that quality inspection will continue to be based at our Roeselare factory.”